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Is Fitness what you think it is?

Does Working Out Never Work for You?

What does fitness mean to You?

are you the best version of yourself ?

Are you missing out on your best life,
pain-free, energized, ready for anything,
because fitness is just too much work?


discover your own
Personal fitness style

There's so much conclusive evidence that exercise and meditation will improve your health, you'll never have time to read it, let alone practice it all.

You know good fitness is key to being your best self, but you still haven’t found what works for you, for where you’re at in life now.

Your experience with health & fitness is unique,
so sometimes advice helps, and sometimes it doesn't,
but figuring out what works seems like endless trial & error.

Fitness seems like a never-ending job that isn't worth the time or effort...

...but Holistic Fitness is the key
to unlocking your health & happiness.
Keito Fitness Method makes it easy, 
by teaching the scientific approach
to personal transformation.

  • Discover what Fitness means to you
  • ​Explore your personalized Fitness style
  • ​Practice what feels right—at your pace
  • ​Get real results—without pressure

No matter how poor your fitness condition, you can transform your life.

The Scientific Fitness Method gives you what you need:
(1) a proven system to get from [where you are] to [where you want to be],
& (2) the determination to keep taking one step at a time.

Are You Ready to Use the Scientific Fitness Method?


3 Tools to Help You Transform Your Fitness

There's a reason people struggle with fitness...

There are 3 essential aspects of the typical approach to fitness
that you'll need to change to get the results you want.

1. LEARN to DEFINE FITNESS, & what it means to YOU...
because ideal fitness to a programmer with a skin infection who wants to keep up with a family of five
is different from ideal fitness for an educator with depression who loves to travel
which is different from ideal fitness for a nurse with a knee injury who enjoys rock climbing.

2. LEARN WHAT WORKS for YOU, & what doesn't.
Everyone responds differently to stimuli, for different reasons.
YOU'VE GOT TO KNOW YOURSELF to find an effective fitness style for you.

3. LEARN the PURPOSE of fitness systems, to LEARN to make them your own.
Even the best training programs and diet plans must be adapted to your individual needs,
& your holistic fitness community can give you perspective on how to achieve this.

Learn how to Define YOUR Fitness

Practice Fitness Self-Exploration

Discover Methods & Adapt them to YOU

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Interactive Online Training

Explore the true meaning of Fitness.

Embark on a guided journey of self-discovery & learn to become your own best fitness coach.

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Interactive Online Training

Mastery begins with Awareness.

Practice self-discovery & learn to know yourself, to find your path to your own ideal fitness.

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Online Support

Get guidance, get feedback, get unstuck.

No matter what your obstacle, there's someone ready to reach out & help you through it.

Are you ready to conquer your health,
but every fitness program you try
feels like it was made for someone else ?


Keito Fitness Client Testimonials

“I’m glad I worked with Kei before having my baby.

I was concerned about complications but my pregnancy went smoothly because I had so much support taking care of myself and it just made everything less stressful.”


TESTIMONY reaching new heights

“I wanted to workout more to gain muscle and get more toned...

so I was surprised when the first steps Kei had me take was to use some natural remedies for my colds. I used to get such bad colds and allergies all the time, it was actually stopping me from working out!”


“I was anorexic and suicidal and constantly in the hospital for one or the other.

My family ignored the fact that I was unhappy. They acted like it was a medical condition that the doctors were going to fix if they threw enough money at it. I’m so glad I met Kei. She’s so special. She validated my feelings and helped me find my resolve to do what I knew I needed to do to move away from my family and start living my own life.”


TESTIMONY successful woman

“I thought exercise was all about:

being able to lift a lot and stretching really far, so it was really fun to learn more comfortable ways to exercise and challenge myself.”


“I was anorexic and suicidal and constantly in the hospital for one or the other.

The Fitness Style that Works for YOU is Within Reach!

Click to listen to Joana's Fitness Transformation Story

Unlock the Best Version of You,
& Start Loving Your Life,
with the Keito Fitness Method.